He’s a well-known musician, producer and DJ, based in Jakarta and definitely made a name for him both national and international dance scene. In the debut album, he was the Co-Founder of SOVA (GetReady Records). duo electronic-jazz trendsetter from 2003 until today.

ANDEZZZ have had a strong run after he owns a digital record label Laxity Recordings (2013) and actively making his own production and regularly release tracks style from Nu Disco, Soulful House, Deep to House until now. In 2017 he started a new sub-label called ROKUM Records.

His song "Together Again" featuring Darryl Wezy has received an award for Best Dance Track of The Year in 2014. And Best Producer Of The Year in 2016, both under Paranoia Hard Rock FM Awards.

Early 2017 he created a sub-label ROKUM RECORDS and has been active in releasing various artists.

As an artist, whose passion for real house music and determination in the studio has made him clearly stand out among his peers. Currently, ANDEZZZ is the Music Director for Henshin, Westin Hotel in Jakarta. And he has shared the deck with big names such like Jimpster, Joey Negro, Terrence Parker, Jamie Lewis, Lovebirds, Mr.V, Grant Nelson, Faze Action, Martin Ikin, Aaron Ross and many more.

Definitely, ANDEZZZ is one of the most respected DJ and producer in the House scene in Indonesia and he's about to go far!

Email Contact: andezzzmusic@gmail.com


Is It You?

Inilah single pertama Andezzz setelah absen dari musik Indonesia 2016 silam. “Is It You? adalah hasil kolaborasinya dengan penyanyi asal Bandung bernama Dhio Adhinugra. Kali ini Andezzz menyuguhkan musik fresh dengan sentuhan RnB Soul Electronica

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